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[高考英语满分作文范文(带翻译)] 高考英语作文范文20篇
[高考英语满分作文范文(带翻译)] 高考英语作文范文20篇

[高考英语满分作文范文(带翻译)] 高考英语作文范文20篇

高中作文网权威发布高考英语满分作文范文(带翻译),更多高考英语满分作文范文(带翻译)相关信息请访问高中作文网。 what is beautiful, people like to wear beautifulclothes,if we print some colorful pads of some wordson them.the clothes will become more attractive.Butthe meaning of the words on them must be lovelytoo. I am sorry to say that some people pay noattention on this.Now please look at the picture.thegirl in the new jacket looks pretty indeed.but theEnglish words on the jacket are quite different.Doyou think a snake is beautiful?Do people take a pride been a personal. of course not. and onother two jackets are writing kiss me and foolish.Do you think the girl is foolish.If the girl knowthe meaning of words on it.she probably will not buy suchjacket. So I think everyone shouldknow what is beautiful and what is not.




英语高考作文 英语高考作文范文带翻译

英语高考作文 英语高考作文范文带翻译

1、When talking about the career of being a teacher, a lot of people will speak highly of it, because this career enjoys a good reputation, and the most important thing is having rich extra income. Many teachers gain their income by giving students extracurricular tutoring, which can earn much more than their salary. The news reported that Chinese tutoring market has great potential, because the parents are willing to pay more money on their children’s education. It seems that being a teacher means earning money easily. Actually, a lot of teachers are tired on their work as they need to supervise the students, so even on holiday, most of them choose to take a break and refuse to do the tutoring work. We are easy to be misled by the untrue news, and sometimes even misunderstand the career。




作文标题: 2009高考英语作文试题与范文(十五)
关 键 词: 高考 高中高三 2700字
字 数: 2700字作文
本文适合: 高中高三
作文来源: https://zw.liuxue86.com


The Summer Palace: one of the most famous parks in Beijing.

Where it is located: in the western suburbs of Beijing.

How to get there: by bus or by taxi or by bike

What it is like: one of the most beautiful parks in Beijing/big

What you can see or do there/What it is famous for: Kunming Lake----man---made lake/Longevity Hill/700---meter Long Corridor/magnificent halls/beautiful gardens

Suggestions: go boating on the lake or go for a walk along the corridor or climb the hill and have a beautiful view from the top or look at the big halls or visit small gardens

One of the most famous parks to go to in Beijing is the Summer Palace . It is located in the western suburbs of Beijing . It is easy to go there by bus, by taxi of by bike.

It is one of the most and biggest parks in Beijing . There is beautiful Kumming Lake in the park. It is a man-made lake. In front of the lake, there is the 700-meter Long Corridor. Behind it is the Longevity Hill. There are some magnificent halls and beautiful gardens in the park.

It takes at least half of the day to visit the park. You can go boating on the lake or go for a walk along the corridor or climb the hill and have a beautiful view from the top or look at the big halls or visit small gardens. The best time to visit the park is spring or autumn.


June 6th

Dear Tom,

I came to see you but you were out. Tomorrow is Li Ming’s birthday. We will have a birthday party at Li Ming’s tomorrow afternoon. We would be very happy if you will come.

Li Ming’s home is not very far from your hotel. When you come you may go straight along Blue Road . Turn right at White Road . Then go across Stone Road . you will find a cinema on your left. Li Ming’s’ house is just beside it.

Hope to see you at the party.


Tong Hua


Books are called “King’s Treasures/Wealth” because they have something as valuable as gold and silver. They have the riches of knowledge.

Kings keep their valuable objects carefully locked up and keep the keys themselves. Nobody can touch their valuable things. Yet the riches of knowledge are entirely different. Anyone can have the key to the riches of knowledge. The key is simply “ READING ”. Anyone who can read can open the door of the treasure house and go in and take what he likes. Why don’t we therefore learn to read and fill ourselves with the riches of knowledge which everybody admires?


I went for a pleasant outing on Saturday with some friends from school. We went to a lovely lake about a hundred kilometres north of here. We left by bus at seven o’clock in the morning and arrived at the lake at eight thirty. We spent the morning swimming and rowing small boats. Then we had lunch in a small restaurant by the lake. After lunch we climbed a large hill behind the lake and enjoyed the beautiful view from the top. We got back to the bus at around four o’clock and then we came back to town. We had a wonderful time.






May 1, 2009

A green school bag was found on the playground yesterday afternoon. Inside of which there are two new textbooks, exercise books, a pocket English—Chinese dictionary and a pencil-box. Loser is expected to come to the Office of Senior Grade 3 to identify it.


No 15 Middle School

Xuanwu District



Mar. 10,2009

Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness last month. It was very kind of you to put me up at your house while I was in America . I really appreiate your taking me around delicious. Surely I had a wonderful time in America .

I hope I can repay you in the same way in China some time in the future.

Best Wishes,

Li Tong

56、假定你现在在英国进行短期参观访问,你的英国朋友George和Angle给你寄来一张邀请卡。读后写一封拒绝接受邀请的回信。说明你星期五上午要离Oxford去London。在信中表示你希望这次聚会成功、大家玩得高兴。假使你在英国的住址是29East Avenue,Oxford 。

29 East Avenue


December 6th

Dear George and Angie.

Thank you very much for the invitation to your housewarming party this Friday. I’d love to come, but I can’t because I will leave Oxford for London on Friday morning. I hope you all have a good time and that your party is a big success.

Yours sincerely,

Wang Mei


2 Doorway 1 Building 5

Xi Luo Yuan

Feng T District

June 3 2008

Dear Jack,

I am writing to thank you for all the help you gave us in moving into our new flat.

As you know, my mother is in poor health and there is a lot of furniture. I know we would never have been able to move all the things into the new flat without your help.

I am arranging a housewarming party soon and I look forward to seeing you then.

Thank you again for everything you have done for us.


Tian Bing


Dear Sir,

I am writing to you to complain about the shoes I bought a week ago from your shop.

Although I have only worn the shoes for three times, the soles are worn out, and the shoes are out of shape. At your price, I expect high quality.

I am returning the shoes to you by post. I expect to receive another pair of better quality or the full refund of the shoes.




I’m sorry I was late for the meeting this morning. There was something wrong with my bicycle. I hope you’re not angry with me.



I was careless and lost my red long overcoat in the lecture room on the afternoon of 4th of this month. In one of the pockets there is a small notebook and in the other pocket there is key to my bike. Will the finder please send it either to the monitor of Class 4, Senior Grade 2 or to myself? Many thanks to the finder. Our classroom is in Room 204, Building 1.

Li Yan




作文标题: 2009高考英语作文试题与范文(十九)
关 键 词: 高考 高中高三 3750字
字 数: 3750字作文
本文适合: 高中高三
作文来源: https://zw.liuxue86.com


(1) 游泳者不得越过红线;

(2) 本场借出的游泳衣,救生圈(life buoy)、太阳伞(sunshade)、椅子不得损坏或


(3) 不准乱扔脏物(litter);

(4) 下午6点之前必须上岸;

(5) 不准在游泳区内钓鱼。


A Notice of Swimmers’ Rules

Swimmers are required to observe the following rules. Anyone breaking the rules will be punished by a fine of 5—200 yuan.

(1) Nobody is allowed to swim out of the red line.

(2) Swimming suits, life buoys, sunshades, chairs borrowed from here are not to be spoiled or taken away.

(3) No littering.

(4) Swimmers must get out of water before 6 p.m. .

(5) Fishing is not allowed here.

The Seaside Police Station

91、假定你是某校学生会(student union )主席,你校准备于4月30日举行一次英语晚会。为把这次晚会开好,决定于本星期五(3月18日)下午4:00在学校会议室召开各班班长会议,商讨有关英语晚会的几个问题。请你以学生会名义用英语写一份40字左右的书面通知。通知发出日期是2009年3月16日。

A Meeting Notice

All the monitors are asked to meet in the school meeting-room at 4: 00 p.m. on Friday(Mar.18)to discuss questions concerning the English evening to be held on April 30. Do be present at the meeting on time.

The Student union

Mar. 16, 2009


A Note Asking for Business Leave

Jan. 10, 2009

Mr. Smith


Dear Sir,

I’m applying for one week’s leave of absence from the 11th to the 17th, in order to return home to see my father, who is now dangerously ill.

I should be very much obliged if you grant me my application.

Yours respectfully,


93、英籍教 师某某 夫人到你校任教。现在工作结束,即将回国。她的学生举行欢送会,请你写一篇欢送稿代表同学们在会上发言。

Dear friends,

How time flies! Two years have passed since Mrs Brown came to our school to teach us English. Now she has completed her work successfully and will leave for home tomorrow.

Mrs Brown is very strict with us. She is very kind and never tired of helping us in our studies. Her teaching is lively and interesting. We all like to attend her lectures.

Now I will, on behalf of all the students, express our gratitude to Mrs Brown for her remarkable work. We wish her a pleasant journey and good health.


You borrowed from Mary a travel guide-book which you are now returning. Write her a letter of about 100 words thanking her for having lent it to you and telling her how useful you found it.

Hints: You have kept this book for more than six months.

You would have been lost for many times if it had not been for the guide-book.

Your name is Sally.

The date of your letter is July 6, 2008..

A Letter Expressing Gratitude

July 6, 2008

Dear Mary,

I am returning you the guide-book which you lent me six months ago. I am very thankful to you, for it was a great help to me. It was with the help of this book that I was able to visit many places.

I am sure that I would have been lost many times if it had not been for this book. Besides, I learned a lot about the history of those places. Thank you again.

With best wishes.






Name: Wang Ping

Address: 167 Renmin Road, Changzhou

Nationality: Chinese

Date of birth: July 18, 1971

Place of birth: Shanghai, China

Health: excellent


1978—1984: Renmin Road Primary School, Changzhou

1984—1987: No. 5 Middle School, Changzhou

1987—1990: No. 1 Middle School, Changzhou



(1) 沈明,北京外国语学院第二英语系应届毕业生,现年21岁,1985年进校,四年来


(2) 沈明出身于教师家庭,父母均是英语教师。她本人对英语教学很感兴趣。希望能有



(1) 字数:100—150。

(2) 写信日期: 2008年7月17日 。

A Letter of Recommendation

The Second Department of English

Beijing Foreign Language Institute

Beijing , China

July 17, 2008

Lemon Language Institute

Sidney , Australia

Dear President,

It is a great honour for me to introduce to you one of my very best student, Miss Shen Ming, a 21-year-old graduate of our institute this year. Miss Shen entered our institute in 1985 and she has ever since been hard-working at her lessons and made rapid progress. During the four years of study, she has always ranked high in her class. In 1987, she came out first at the National College Students English Speech Contest. Coming from a family of English teachers, Miss Shen has a particular interest in the teaching of English. It is her wish to further her studies on linguistics, methodology as well as on the English language. It will certainly be of great help to her if she could have such a chance in your Institute .

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

Wang Shen

97、假如你叫李平,是校学生会主席。你们的老师Wilson太太即将离华返美。为此你们准备于1990年7月26日(星期二)下午6:00至7:30在校俱乐部举行告别会。你们打算邀请另一教师Blake 先生也参加,请你以个人名义用英语给他写一封邀请信。写信时顺便告诉他参加告别会的还有Johnson先生Green小姐,这两老师他都认识。


A Letter of Invitation

14 July, 2008

Dear Blake,

Mrs. Wilson will leave for the United States shortly. We have the pleasure in inviting you to join us in a farewell party which is to take place at 6:00—7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 26,1990, at the school Club.

Also invited to the party are two other teachers from the school, Mr. Johnson and Miss Green, both of whom you know.

Looking forward to the pleasure of seeing you.


Li Ping

98、假设你叫陈英,在高三(3)班。1989年12月13日你患了重感冒,医生嘱咐你卧床休息。请写一张请假条给你班主 任王 老师,要求请病假几天。(字数不得少于50)

A Note Asking for Sick Leave

Mr. Wang

Teacher in Charge of

Class 3, Senior 3

Dec. 13, 2008

Dear sir,

I am so sorry that I can’t attend school today. I’ve caught a bad cold. The doctor Said I must stay in bed. It may possibly be a few days before I am able to attend class again.

Hoping you will excuse my absence from school.

Yours faithfully,

Chen Ying



(1) 我国有十一亿多人口,是世界上最大的国家之一。首都是北京。

(2) 我国人民勤劳勇敢,具有光荣的革命传统(tradition)。

(3) 一九四九年解放后,我国发生了巨大的变化。

(4) 我国人民为了把自己的国家建设成为一个强大的社会主义国家,正在辛勤劳动。

Our Great Socialist Motherland

Our great motherland is one of the largest countries in the world. It has a population of over eleven hundred million. Peking is its capital.

We Chinese people are brave and hardworking. We have a glorious revolutionary tradition. We drove out Japanese invaders and overthrew Kuomingtang government. In 1949 the People’s Republic of China was founded. Since then great changes have taken place in our motherland. Now our country is getting stronger and stronger. We Chinese people are working hard to make our motherland into a powerful socialist country.

100、假设你的名字叫魏芳,收到了你笔友Mary Walter的第一次来信.。请给此信写一封100至120字的回信。你的地址是:山东省泰安市解放路36号,发信日期为2008年11月12日。

Dear Wei Fang,

I want a penfriend . My teacher has given me your name and address. She said you want a penfriend too. I am 17 years old. I go to the Hillside High School . This term we have English, science, maths, physics, biology, history, physical and health education . I live with my parents in a small town in U. S. A . .It’s called Brewster, not far from New York . I like collecting stamps, playing football and watching TV. I’m learning to play the piano but I hate practising. Can you send me a picture of yours? Please write to me telling about yourself and your school.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Walter

A Letter to a Penfriend

36 Jiefang Road

Taian, Shandong

Province P. R. China

of China

November 12, 2008

Dear Mary Walter,

I’m very glad to receive your letter and I’m sending you a photo of me. Luckily, I’m as old as you. I study at the No. 24 Middle School . It stands in the west of our city. From the windows of our classroom we can see the beautiful Mountain Taishan. This term we have eleven subjects altogether. Among them, I like English best . I Wish I could speak it better. My interests, besides my studies, are music, art and sports. I especially enjoy swimming. Do you often go swimming in summer?

Looking forward to receiving your reply.

Yours truly,

Wei Fang