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短语:the death toll
短语:the death toll

短语:the death toll


a diamond necklace
a bamboo pole
paper money
a stone bridge

a meeting room
the telephone poles
the railway staion
trade union
water pipe
welcome speech
eye drops

a day bed
the dinner party
the Apring and Autum Period
evening suit
midday lunch

London hotels
Beijing University
body temperature
the spaceship floor
the kitchen window

a story book
piano lessons
the sports meet
oxygen supply
the air pressure
the grammar rules

children education
enemy soldiers
a bus driver

作定语用的名词一般没有与之相应的同根形容词。它既可以是有生命的,也可以是无生命的;既可以是可数的,也可以是不可数的。它能表明被修饰的名词的A.地点、B.时间、C.目的或用途、D.种类、E.原料或来源等等。例如:A.city streets城市街道,a corner shop街道拐角的商店,a kitchen table厨房桌子,a roof garden屋顶公园;B.summer holidays暑假,Sunday papers星期日报纸,November fogs十一月的雾季;C.a tennis court网球场,a tennis club网球俱乐部,a peace conference和平会议,milk bottles牛奶瓶;D.a love story爱情故事,a murder story凶杀案故事,traffic lights交通管理用的红绿灯,a train driver火车司机;E.stone walls石墙,straw hats草帽,rubber boots胶鞋,pineapple juice菠萝汁,plant fat植物脂肪。
goods train货车,sports meeting运动会,machines hall展览机器的大厅。
man doctor—men doctors 男医生
woman singer—women singers 女歌手
有的作定语用的名词有与之相应的同根形容词。一般情况下,名词作定语侧重说明被修饰的名词的内容或性质;同根形容词作定语则常常描写被修饰的名词的特征。例如:"bold watch"指手表含有金的性质;而"golden watch"则表示手表是金色的特征,不一定含有金。再举两例:
stone house 石头造的房子
stony heart 铁石般的心肠
peace conference 和平会议
peaceful construction 和平建设
名词作定语与名词所有格作定语有时是有区别的。一般来说,名词作定语通常说明被修饰的词的性质,而名词所有格作定语则强调对被修饰的词的所有(权)关系或表示逻辑上的谓语关系。例如:在“the Party members(党员)”中,名词定语表示members的性质;在“the Party's calls(党的号召)”中,Party具有动作发出者的作用,calls虽然是名词,却具有动作的含义。再举一例:
a student teacher 实习教师
a student's teacher 一位学生的老师

实际上,你仔细体会,名词和形容词的修士有很明显的区别。如:health problems和healthy problems,前者是指关于健康的问题,后者是指健康的问题,不是什么淫秽的或者低俗的问题。应该很清楚了吧?



Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me, on behalf of organizers thank you all for today's charity dinner. This is a memorable, point, I think everyone is with sincere love for earthquake relief.You know, on May 12,, with a sieve, before the quake struck China's sichuan province, claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people, a lot of houses collapsed, people homeless.After the earthquake, the government to take immediate positive and effective disaster relief operations. At the same time, numerous volunteers came from far and wide to, to offer his help.As a dedicated to advancing the social responsibility of the enterprise of the media, we to the society from all walks of life called for action to support the victims to rebuild their home.



The limited company of XX packing in Shandong establishes in 1999, with hollow plank, turnover box, glass bottle the bottle give silk screen printing for predominate industry, the company passed attestation and Europe of the ISO9000 quality system international standard of ROHS attestation, the company belongs to a share system private enterprise, is given to the business enterprise title of honor of"heavy contract, keep promise" by the XX City industry and business bureau, establish branch in Anhui in 2003, produce a base to distribute to wait city in the Lu Wan, the headquarters is located on beautiful spring city to help south.
The company starts to set up in 1999, cover area 22800 square meters, own fixed assets 10,000,000 dollars, existing employee's more than 80s, among them technical personnel's 28, win the class above title to contain 8, the company establish comprehensive do, the sale management Dept., finance department, market department, production department, logistics department, quality management Dept....etc. be 7 working talent sections.The company owns hollow plank to produce, make a version, printing, mold to slice, maintain 5 car and related ssistance car.The company produces scope:The plastics hollow plank, milk industry displays a box, turnover box, mark card and promote sales set, clothing stamp-tax...etc. various products, among them, the plastics hollow plank match national profession standard, passed EU ROHS to examine and obtained a ROHS attestation.The product sells as far as Korea, Japan, Europe and America etc. nation and region.
The company main camp product is the plastics hollow plank and this product belongs to wreath, postal service industry...etc..Currently, application most for extensively have a few aspects as follows.
1) Zero partses turnover an environmental protection product and organize strong dint to promote packing thing for 2010 world environmental protection.The plastics hollow plank is extensively applicable to a building materials, car profession, electronics electric appliances industry and advertises an industry box, instrument turnover box, beverage turnover box, agrochemical turnover box, nicety instrument of inside packing, drugs packing box, postal service packing box, electronics dollar spare part packing of plastic sheet, separate plank etc..
2) Various box wrap, tour pack of lining board.
3) The advertisement decorate: the demonstration card, merchandise marking card, the advertisement card, light box, showroom shape...etc..
4) Anti-electrostatic turnover box, the card plank series product suits electronics profession more by its vivid size, structure variety and good anti-electrostatic function especially a micro-electronics business enterprise an usage.
5) Sunlight plank:the adopt of industry, business, public building light Peng, glasshouse, agriculture, half-hardy heat preservation, the highway separates a natural cover, bus Peng etc..
The product adoption gathers ethylene or polypropylene as raw material and have weight light, defend tide, quakeproof, cost low, loading strength big, the anti- press the strength Gao Deng3's advantage and solved the material life span that existing packing box use short, cost Gao, the weight heavy etc. weakness, the fold type plastics hollow plank turnover box has to use to anticipate province and processes a craft in brief, life span long, strength big, the cost be low and fold a way in brief and fold behind the space small etc. advantage share.

The company concentrates on an industry report a country to pursue outstanding, develop advanced productivity with establish advanced corporate culture.In the process of develop in, the company leans against hardship to struggle, exert and strive without stop, arduous, the executive officer start a business of stubborn spirit, lean against to truly act towards people, with virtuous person, take by letter to check inside the person's culture, lean against wealthy employee, offer social of worth principle, lean against a matter and do greatly, want to do actually, the person want to do small of conducting attitude, lean against the management policy of the quality first, customer supremacy, lean against the setup aim of environmental industry, harmonious business enterprise, win governmental of support, social great fame, the trust of the financial section and the advocacy of the large employee.
Company with"with hour enter all, superior quality innovation;Bring benefit to employee, offer a society"follow the policy of"take performance as center, take quality as topic, take management as main line, take technique innovation as motive, depend quality to beg existence, depend a species to rush a market" for the aim.Currently company already and Qingdao sea Er, sea letter, match a fatty glory matter to reach, duckling group, receive well-known business enterprises, such as cow group and Yi benefit group...etc. to set up a good relation of cooperation colleague.The company got profession colleague and the customer's good opinion with product and thoughtful and fast service of superior quality, the business enterprise concentrated on raising quality, improve a craft and decline low cost, thus utmost let benefit at the customer.
The company carries out the industry fixed position of "the high technology, environmental protection type, ecosystem turn, extrovert type", chase now a body is green, environmental protection, health, can keep on a development of the new material is to develop a point.Has been been continuously creative with expand to produce a reformation, gradually become benefit south and match the production base of fatty framework.Have a foothold to help south, face to whole country, head for world.